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The Christian Church for Christ started humbly in 2000 with only six members. During this time, the group came to be known as “The Community Church” and merged with First St. Paul Baptist Church, in efforts to build more robust community focused ministries. Out of this union, the Millennium Ministry was born, focused on social justice within the community and developed post incarceration transition assistance. Program initiatives focused on assisting individuals reentering the population with life skill development, job training programs including computer training, and social rehabilitation. The Community Church also partnered with The Fisher Foundation to implement programs geared toward the betterment of mentally challenged and those suffering from the repercussions of substance abuse. During the first three years, membership grew from 16 to 150 members.

In 2005, Dr. Van Hook and committed members found themselves on a nomadic journey over the next five years after

The Community Church parted ways with First St. Paul Baptist Church. During this transition, The Community Church

transitioned into and worshiped from different locations, including the Acorn Housing Project Community Center,

Harvest Fellowship, Marcus A. Foster Middle School, Rock of Truth Baptist Church, and the YMCA.

In January 2010, God blessed us immensely by enabling the church to purchase its current location in West Oakland.

Membership has grown tremendously and many successful programs and ministries have been developed. The opening

of our men’s home, The Charis (Grace) House, Dog Town National Night Out, Unity in the Community Celebration,

Street Sweeping Initiative, Neighborhood Evangelism, movie night, and the weekly Soup Kitchen are some of the ways we continue to show our gratitude, which continues to grow.

The Community Church became a member of the Pacific Southwest District of The Wesleyan Church on Sept 2011 until

May 2019, at which time they launched  their own Housing ministry. Our membership there has created the opportunity to enable several

members to enhance their spiritual and personal abilities in different classes. In 2012, our youngest minister was accepted

into Oklahoma Wesleyan University. During this time the church was also instrumental in sending its first Mission to Haiti

through Global Partners. A number of The Community Church members have completed coursework to become certified

life skills coaches in 2013 and were accepted into the Wesleyan Coaching Network. There they empower individuals to

reach their true potential and future goals. This path has been divinely designed for us to arrive at our current season and

we believe our empowerment comes through the Spirit. We will continue to discover and use our spiritual gifts.

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The Community Church- A Vision For Our City

Our Mission

The Community Church strives to empower its congregation, enable them to live in strength through Faith in God's word, serve the community in HIS name and grow through life's journey in HIS image. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To transform the world through our word, worship, and work through the power of Jesus Christ. 

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